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London was my first adventure place visit in the United Kingdom. It was completely a different trip and never had such an experience in my whole life. The trip was mind-blowing with some awesome views of parks, museums and London’s attractions. We were in a group including families, most of the time we had fun and enjoyed all along.

Let me summarize the trip, we went to London for a two day trip. We de-boarded at the Heathrow airport. We took a taxi from the Heathrow airport and reached the Four Seasons Hotels Limited at Park Lane which was already booked with us. The Hotel was amazing with its top-class design; high-style dining, professional staffs, rooftop spa and lounge that all offered us a luxurious experience. My mind was obsessed with the histories of London and wanted to visit those places. So we changed our plan and organized a new plan. It was like this:

  • 1st day Historic places
  • 2nd day Holy and Attractive places, then shopping.

We made our first visit to the Tower of London, a place which is one of the oldest and most popular tourist destinations over seven centuries. It was famous for a royal family, prisoners, and politicians from the year 1066 until the 14th century. Since then, it is a tourist place. Secondly, we visited the Millennium dome; it was constructed in the year 1951 and in the year 2000, it was opened for all to show attractions and exhibitions and thus, its name was given “Millennium”. Its entire roof is made from Teflon glass fibre fabric. The interesting thing here about the rooftop is the weight; it is less than the air’s weight present inside the building. The Dome is usually known as Exhibition Center because numerous exhibitions are organized here. Then we moved to the Museum of London, there I found histories of London. In 1826, it was just opened for the London city to exhibit the social and urban history. And after the Second World War, it was named ‘Museum of London’ and showcases the histories of London.

Now, the day was going to end, so I decided to have dinner and forwarded my opinion to all. And we asked our taxi driver to name the best restaurant, he suggested for ‘Lord Raglan’. But, when I checked the same in Google Maps, the reviews it got were not good. So, through the Google Maps itself, I searched nearby restaurants and found “Rucoletta Neapolitan Eatery”. It was far away from our current location around 1 mile. We reached there and ordered the delicious ‘three course meal’. The atmosphere inside the restaurant was homely one. So we all enjoyed there and then left for the hotel.

The next day was a Sunday; as decided our next was a holy place, because on Sunday people often visit churches. So, we planned to visit Saint Edmund, the King Church. As it was a great moment going for us, so I thought to hire a luxury car for reaching the church. Again, I opened my Google app and hired e-class cars. We were in groups, so we needed 2-3 cars and it reached us soon. The car was different compared to other Mercedes cars. Actually, the car was customized interiorly. The inside look was exceptional, the front and back seats were completely supportive and had enough space. The travel experience was awesome as we felt nothing, no movement, no engine sound, complete silence inside the car. We reached the church and it was the best holy place to do a quick prayer. I still remember the bells, songs, scent inside the church, pastor etc. The sermon was also an inspirational one. We had a good experience there. Our time spent at church was around 2 hours and the time at that moment was 12:30pm.

Now, to have some fun, I planned to visit the Hyde Park. It was a huge park that covers around 140 acres of Land in Westminster. The park was completely greenish with few lakes in between. I clicked some pictures of beautiful plants, fields, and lakes. One unique place was there as it was empty, only birds were resting there. While looking at them, the bird count was kept on increasing. I think, in future that particular area might be reserved for birds only. Around 4 pm, we left the park and while traveling, I saw the Wembley stadium, the famous football stadium of London. At that time, the match between Spurs & Chelsea were going on, as the large printed picture outside the stadium explained it. The outside view of the stadium was outstanding with club’s flag, fan association posters, advertisements etc. We moved ahead to the Market place which is best known as Central London. This place is famous for shopping, with a variety of apparel, cosmetic shops, and restaurants. Then, our next destination was Sea Life Aquarium; the name itself explains to us that it is about Marine lives. I found several breeds over there like seahorses, jellyfish, prawns, seals etc.

Now, the day was going to end and we left aquarium around 6:30 pm. While returning to the hotel, I was remembering all the instances, and watching photos taken from my camera. I took several more pictures while traveling in the Car, also took the photos of the car’s interior and its chauffeur. There are more places to encounter, but our time was limited. We reached the hotel and had dinner; bags packed, as the next day we have to move back to Ohio.

In the morning, we refreshed and it’s the time to say goodbye to London. We check-out from the hotel and were going to book taxis for us. As our previous day’s taxi ride experience was good, so we again hired the e-class taxi to Heathrow airport. The ride to the airport made me smile as I clearly understood that everything in the London city whether it is a taxi, attractions, restaurants or hotels are all absolutely perfect.

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