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How to Make Your London Travel Memorable?

London is the best place to hang out with endlessly fascinating scenes to encounter. It is enormous for a first-time visitor due to its vast area which excites and inspires. It has around 40+ destinations which are free to visit and meant as tourist places. Visitors from across the world come over here to stay and enjoy at their leisure times. Often visitors like to experience the place which is filled with beautiful views, histories, and lots of travel tips and resources. Within few days or a week, one can experience London completely, with some of the amazing areas, travel experiences, best eat out places and some recreational activities to add fun. Furthermore, you can find plenty of kids place to visit like London Aquarium, Science Museum, science and technology hub etc.

Don’t miss out these best attractions during your free times. Leisure is something which makes your travel a memorable one. So why planning to head towards any other place! The London is here to offer you some interesting things and experiences.

Now, in three steps you’ll get some important information that could help you to enjoy your trip to London.

  1. An Itinerary to help
    Being a first time visitor, one prefers a map or a guide to show the route. To make things easier, here are the best places that show a different view of London.
  • London Eye: It is a giant observation wheel located in Lambeth, also known as millennium wheel as its construction was completed in 2000. It has 32 passenger capsules each of which holds up to 20 people and it rotates. Through this, people can see the top view of London city.

Buckingham Palace: It is a huge palace located in the City of Westminster. It explains the royalty that was kept from the time 1703 up to the 19th century by King George and his royal family. Now, it is under the UK government where state occasions are organized while it’s a tourist place also.

Tower Bridge: It is also known as London Bridge. It is built on River Thames, the two towers of the bridge allow one to see a perfect view of London from the top. It is open and free for tourists.

British Museum: It has the collection of art, culture, and history relating to London and it is located in Great Russell Street. It is open and free for all visitors.

Hyde Park: It is one of the largest parks of London. It is also known as Royal Park of London. It is located in Westminster. The park has a variety of flowers and trees with many other facilities for the public.

A ride to remember
A travel to the above places with family, friends or alone either need a taxi or a chauffeur car hire service in London. Visitors when opting for a tour and travel package they also pay for the travel expenses from where the chauffeur services are booked and the service also assures the safety and security of the travelers. Isn’t that exciting? As the service is famous in London and some of the metro cities, where the chauffeurs will pick and drop from anywhere in London until journey ends. They pick you from the instance you de-board at the Heathrow airport by their taxi service and drop you at the hotel which you booked according to the tour package. Moreover, you can discover the above places yourself by, either a rented car or if you want to experience the VIP class car then call your chauffeur anytime and hire cars like Mercedes S-class, e-class, luxury limo, minivan, SUV, etc. They will pick you up for the journey in no time.

A kind of taste to experience
Unlike all the above information, the one question could come in anyone’s mind is about the food and cuisines that also has an importance. London has a variety of dishes that one may only hear about. As you have the chauffeur service, so just visit the below places and experience the unique taste from the restaurants.

  • Classic Tortilla from Barrafina: It looks like an omelet combined with egg or potato. It tastes sweet.

Meat Fruit from Heston Blumenthal: It looks exactly like Mandarin, where it tastes like non-veg foods.

Foie Gras Crème Brûlée from Duck & Waffle: It is a creamy dish best eaten with bread where it is topped off with buttered lobster.

Bruschetta from Polpo: It is a green food with the inclusion of cheese, roasted grape, and walnut.

  • These are some rare dishes which you can only experience in London; however, you can find the best restaurants by clicking here.

Not much but the information provided will make your planning perfect. And you can complete your trip with an amazing experience in London.

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