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Owning a luxury car is one thing. Mastering the art of maintaining and budgeting (and subtly flaunting) it is totally different. Your thousands of pounds mean nothing if after every ride, your car gets another one of a scratch. Or for every purpose— whether for family camping, business meet-ups, or long romantic drives—you take the same coupé.

To help you master these practices, here are 5 tips that you should stick to regularly:

  • Auto glass in tip-top condition– Make sure the windshields and window glasses are in tip-top form. Treat even the minor chips quickly before the damage grows. Today, auto glass services are much cheaper.

Chauffeurs over full-time driver– Having someone drive around is nice. However, many a times, you might feel like driving yourself. So instead of employing full-time drivers, hire professional chauffeurs. It’s much economical and gives you option to choose, rather than just stay stuck with the driver.

Cozy, well kempt leather seats– It is those leather, comfy seats that makes these cars a complete luxury ride. So always make sure the seats are well kempt and are in good condition.

Keep it polished– They say never judge the book by its cover. This doesn’t hold true when talking about cars. How they look from the exterior labels these cars either good or bad, regardless how great the brakes, seats and sound system are. So ensure the outer surface of your car is well polished/painted and shinning.

Hire rental cars for different purpose– Taking the same ride everywhere can be a turn-off. It is best to have decent number of options. Now you don’t need to buy new cars of course. In London you will find many luxury car rental services that offer a range of beautiful rides, including Bentley, BMW and Mercedes. You can always dial them for more options at cheap.

These are 5 simple and economical ways to master the art of owning, maintaining and flaunting your car. Ways that would make you a person of class, without any extravagant expense.

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