Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Booking Confirmation Telephone or e-mail is used in the confirmation of all the bookings. An email will be sent to the client once they make the booking as a way of confirming it.

2. Payment Terms Prepayment is possible at the time of booking. However, arrangements for this can be made separately. We take credit cards and cash, and through our terminals, we also accept bank transfers.

3. Cancellation Policy Full refunds will be given to cancellations that were made 3 hours or more before the pick-up time. No refunds shall be made for cancellations made within hours to the scheduled pick-up time.

4. Late Arrivals It results that giving notice of delay is the client’s responsibility. Extra charges may be applicable especially the waiting time for the chauffeur in case he is needed to wait for some extra time.

5. Vehicle Damage The clients will be required to bear the costs resulting from any damages on our vehicles.

6. Luggage Any baggage that clients may have must be with them and not left at the bus. Luggage and personal items are never the responsibility of us so never be surprised if you never see them again.

7. Child Seats Toddler seats are not offered, these must be confirmed or requested at the time of the booking. Correct usage must be applied by the clients.

8. Passenger Conduct Peculiar behavior is not permitted by the clients during the ride. Furthermore, it clearly stated that any form of misconduct will lead to the cancelation of service without prejudice to the refund.

9. Force Majeure Circumstances beyond our control might lead to cancellation or delay, for instance, due to poor weather or a road accident.

10. Service Limitations It should be noted that in the event of any violations of certain conduct rules, we have the right to deny service.

11. Insurance All of our vehicles are fully insured for the thorough security of our customers’ investments. Custodial items and belongings of the clients are not subject to Aspire Insurance policy coverage.

12. Changes to Terms It is our right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without any prior notice to the users. Changes will be communicated to the clients through the use of email or our website.

13. Privacy Policy Client information is private and is only used for booking & developing services.

14. Airport Transfers Ever since we have to track flights, more details of the flight must be included at the time of booking. There are additional costs for service that might include a flight delay.

15. No-Show Policy If the client fails to turn up for collection at the agreed pick-up point within thirty minutes, such a trip will be considered a no-show, and the client will be charged in full.

16. Smoking Policy It is prohibited to smoke in all of our vehicles. There will be charges for a violation of cleanliness.

17. Pets Policy Pets are prohibited unless made clear at the check-in process that the guests are coming with pets. Extra charges may apply.

18. Special Requests Any special request, which includes any change in the route or any other form of change, should be made before booking and will attract some charges.

19. Lost Property Some clients require the services of drivers to drop them off and pick them after some time, and this requires them first to check for their personal effects. Just to ensure that they have not been stolen. Any item that a person may leave behind will not be returned or kept by us.

20. Complaints The output of any complain shall be done early before the 24 hours duration of the service. We want all the complaints to be resolved quickly and to the satisfaction of the client.